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Traditional Billing (the old way)

One fixed rate for black and white copies, another fixed rate for colour copies

Colour prints generally charged based on an industry standard of 5-6% coverage - no matter what the true colour coverage

Companies with low to medium colour usage end up paying more than they need

Skarlet in alliance with UTAX (UK) Ltd have revolutionised the way colour copying and printing is billed.

The introduction of the 3 tiered billing system, within the UTAX range, enables full customisation of the copy counters allowing variable thresholds to be set, by monitoring the colour coverage percentage.

This unique facility allows extremely competitive charging bands, to be offered, and total transparency to see the copies and prints produced at the various levels.

Contact us on 020 7989 0282 and arrange an immediate comparison and audit.

Three Tiered Billing Solution (the revolutionary way)

How Does It Work?

Three meters (magenta, cyan, yellow) inside your MFP print device count the exact number of colour dots used on each printed page.  A fourth meter measures the amount of black toner used on black and white pages.  Dot coverage is the most accurate measurement methodology on the market.  Colour coverage is calculated per page and billed at the most appropriate cost-per-click for your business and usage profile.

The Intelligent Billing on some of our MFP’s will break down the number of low, medium and high colour coverage pages used by your business.

Colour coverage is calculated per page and billed at the most appropriate cost-per-click for your business and usage profile.

Most business printing falls into the Low or Medium colour coverage categories - giving you lower costs for the colour coverage your business uses most.

Colour coverage levels between 0-100% can be monitored in increments of 0.1%, ensuring comprehensive and accurate measurements

Billing levels can be set based on an individual company’s usage profile.

Colour Coverage Examples

Low Colour - Documents including a coloured stamp or logo, a few lines of colour highlighted text, emails and delivery notes.

Medium Colour - Standard business documents incorporating coloured charts or graphs, Excel spread sheets or Power Point presentations.

High Colour - Documents composed of colour graphics or photographs, e.g. marketing materials, brochures or Internet pages.

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